July 1 - 2017

Happy Canada Day


We are having great fishing right now. Its a little slow on dries in the morning but the big golden stones are popping up everywhere from about 1pm and all thru the afternoon. Simply put, its great out there. All the tribs are starting to shape up now and guys are really reporting great days on the water.

Below is a trout that was taken in only a foot of water on a big dry stonefly! Way to go Len!!

January 13th, 2016

We are just starting to book up 2016 on the Elk River in British Columbia and the Oldman River in Alberta.  We are getting excited. Buying new tying vises and working up some new patterns. We are currently about %50 booked. Our snow packs are right where they should be for this time of year after a light year last year. Our rivers have fished great in the last two years and I expect 2016 to be amazing too. We have new drift boats and Jet boats and can't wait to get out on the water.

Give Jeff a call at 406-672-7386 or email homewatersjeff@gmail.com

Sept 9

The Elk River is in perfect fall form.  Every afternoon brings BWOs and even drakes to the water. The dry fly fishing is awesome right now. Its been a great year here in BC and in Alberta. We are pretty booked up but just give us a call. We may have an opening!

Skip Tschantz with a great Bull Trout!

Skip Tschantz with a great Bull Trout!

August 6

The Elk is still going strong, all guides are reports great hopper fishing. Today the first ants were spotted. These flying buggers should last at least a couple weeks. What a time to be floating on the Elk.

I fished the Wigwam yesterday, we caught a couple Bull Trout around the ten pound range, they both took on the first cast. Many bulls in the pools right now are just not interested.

The dry fly fishing on all tribs is excellent. You can really count on great fishing between 1 and 5. Call for more info as always!

July 29

The Elk River continues to impress

We have once again this year the Ladies Trip!

The guides love this annual trip and once again this year we are two days into it with amazing fishing being reported. I took a couple of the girls over to the Oldman River yesterday for some hot rainbow fishing. We took a lot of fish on small dries since we had some cloudy weather. The other boats all stayed on the upper Elk, the real upper Elk. Not much of a hatch on the Elk for some reason but the fish ate on top from start to finish.

July 26

Yes after a couple rainy days the Elk River is still clear and fishing really well. I really thought that it would blow out today but it didn't and we had great dry fly fishing. I had the pleasure of having a new angler in my boat today. I mean new as she had never cast a fly.

She landed 14 in the net, ha ha lost 91..... maybe not but it was a ton of fun.

The Oldman River is still great, fished it the last two days and the PMDs are still getting great trout to look up. Heading back tomorrow and I just cant wait.

Still getting fish on both rivers to eat hoppers for most of the day. Wigwam and all creeks are clear and fishing great. What are they eating? Everything!!

July 22

Yesterday on the Elk

Cold water still, really cold. Rick and Doug were with me for the day, a couple of keen boys from Alberta, great times. All dries and really all day. For Doug he said it was his best day ever, he sat in the back of the boat and caught big trout steady. On one fly all day. It was simply gross.

The Elk is in amazing shape right now, and with cold water and great hatches things continue to look good for the weeks ahead. All the guides are really having great feedback right now.

Another big cutt, we saw a lot of these slabs crushing dries all day long.

Another big cutt, we saw a lot of these slabs crushing dries all day long.

July 17

Well guys life is good up north at least 

Cool waters continue, the Oldman River is really producing. Over the last two days I had Jim Cote up fishing with me, he too knows just how good it is. Literally dozens of Bows and many over 20 inches. This river is fishing better than I have seen it in 15 years. 

We are jetting way below the dam and that's the only way to get to the water. Crazy good dry fly fishing with most of the largest trout really taking hoppers!!

Hey Jim, I told you I got lucky on this shot!

Hey Jim, I told you I got lucky on this shot!

The new jet is set up perfectly to row, better than the new Clacka Craft I got this year!  Sorry clack 

The new jet is set up perfectly to row, better than the new Clacka Craft I got this year!  Sorry clack 

Still a couple of weeks away

Last week we went over and fished the Thompson River, South of Kalispell.  Looks like a couple more weeks as the water was clear but still too fast. The salmonflies should POP with the next hot wave of weather.

The Marias River is still fishing pretty decent, not a numbers game but some good browns and rainbows come out of that river.

All the lakes are pretty much prime. The lakes on the reservation are very good right now if you feel up for it!

March is just around the corner

Last week I got out on the Elk River once again. I was surprised to see that I wasn't alone as a couple other guides were down on the lower Elk looking for Bull Trout.

March is really the start for our dry fly fishing. We get great hatches of spring stones and anytime the weather is warm enough the trout literally boil at the surface for these small black stone flies.

Even though I didn't see any stones the fishing was great and left me with a taste for more. I hope this March turns out to be as good as last!